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Aspect 22

Armor Specialties LLC

Aspect 9

The Aspect 9® is a lightweight, hardy, and aesthetically pleasing 9MM suppressor . It was designed specifically for the 9MM market but will handle the .223/5.56 round with ease. The Aspect  9 is threaded 5/8x24 or 1/2 x28 and is rated for  9MM, 300BLK and 5.56mm firearms with a 10.5 inch or greater barrel length

Suggested Retail: Titanium $859.00, Stainless $759.00

Technical Specs:

Caliber .223, 5.56mm, 300BLK, 9MM
Weight 12 OZ (Ti)
Length 7.950
Diameter 1.375"
Decibel Reduction / Output 30-35dB
Full Auto Rated: Titanium No, Stainless Yes 
Mount Direct Connect / Thread On
Thread Pitch 5/8x24 OR 1/2X28 (Please specify when ordering)
Color Black FDE, OD Green, Stainless
Finish Cerakote High Temp
Materials Titanium or Stainless
Can Be Disassembled yes
Manufacturer Armor Specialties
Limited Lifetime Warranty (Please see warranty information)

We are the manufacturer and reserve the right to cancel and refund an order for any reason we deem plausible. 

Please make sure you have your correct thread size and color needed when ordering.

The Aspect 22® is a solid suppressor machined from your choice of Stainless Steel  or Titanium . Every part is machined to tight tolerances. You will find this a durable and effective addition to your firearm. Two years in development the patented monolithic integrated cover design is well suited for the shooting enthusiast. There is no need to clean this suppressor after every trip to the range. When lead and carbon build up just pop it apart and clean. Nothing to line up or adjust. Just put the covers in their respective pockets and slide the tube in place, screw in muzzle piece and your done. Happy shooting!!!   

The Aspect is threaded 1/2 x28 and is rated for .22 LR ammunition

Not to be used with .223 / 5.56 ammo.

Purchaser pays the ATF $200 transfer tax per suppressor.

Suggested Retail: $429 Ti, $379 SS

Technical Specs
Caliber 22lr
Weight 7.2 OZ Stainless, 4.65 OZ Titanium
Length 5.05
Diameter 1"
Decibel Reduction / Output 24-30dB as per 1474D mil spec 112.8 db
Full Auto Rated -  Yes 22 LR only
Mount Direct Connect / Thread On
Thread Pitch 1/2X28
Color Black FDE, OD Green, Stainless
Finish Cerakote 
Materials Stainless or Titanium
Can Be Disassembled Yes
Manufacturer Armor Specialties LLC
Limited Lifetime Warranty (Please see warranty information)